Kennedy Data Center - Computer Services

About KDC

Kennedy Data Center Inc was established in 2004 providing web and desktop application design and programming for businesses. With 30+ years experience in Information Technology from mainframe to client-server software and database design and services. Below are services provided that have helped businesses save time and money.

Designed and implemented systems that have saved businesses thousands of dollars by recognizing business structure and functions and making recommendations for improvement.

Implemented processes that have streamlined and improved system and user performance.

Created conversion modules to convert mainframe, Microsoft Access, and other data to Microsoft SQL and DB2 to help businesses transition to the client server environment.

Designed and implemented management reporting systems to provide summary of budget and expenditures from a high-level view to drill-down views.

Customized in-house systems to add and modify functionally to meet business needs, improve employee workflow, processing, and save time.

Designed and programmed custom websites for customers to sell products or advertise their business.

Created and modified websites to include SEO (search engine optimization) to help increase their website business by improving keyword search.